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We're excited to bring you some exciting new mobile applications for your favorite mobile devices including: iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook and other devices powered by Google's Android. These applications are designed for kids who like to read about interesting characters going on fun adventures. Please browse around here for more information about our stories and our company. Stop by our Platforms page for links to download our eBook in your preferred mobile app marketplace.

Announcing Our 3rd eBook!

We're very excited to announce that the 3rd eBook in our Adventures of Panda and Baileron series is available on on Google Play, Amazon (for your Kindle Fire tablets,) and Barnes & Noble (for your Nook tablets.) (We've submitted to Apple's iTunes app store for your iPhones and iPads and expect approval any day now.)

Book 2: Colorado now on iTunes

Download on the iTunes App Store

The long-awaited moment is here. Apple fans can now find our second awesome eBook, The Adventures of Panda and Baileron Book 2: Colorado, on the iTunes app store. Stop by tonight. Read it, love it, tell your friends!

Announcing our Second eBook!

Book 2: Colorado for Android devices on Google Play

Love Our Local Business!

One of the downsides of running your own business is all the paperwork/admin that has to be done...keeping the books, filing (and paying) taxes, filling out government forms. Yuck! A company called Intuit has several products that help to take care of this admin. Since we use some of those products we get their email newsletter. The most recent one announced that Intuit has a contest right now. They're granting wishes for small businesses!

Ksenia Interviews Jason

Have you been wondering what kinds of people it takes to dream up and create an eBook like The Adventures of Panda and Baileron? Check out this YouTube clip of Ksenia interviewing Jason in a Google+ Hangout. And yes, we promise interviews of Ksenia and Jon soon.

Thanks for Reading!

The numbers are in and we're proud to announce that The Adventures of Panda and Baileron has been downloaded more than 800 times! Kids all over the world are helping Panda and Baileron zoom around Georgia. (They're also learning about reading, aviation and geography, but don't tell them!)

We're Official!

In a flurry of excitement yesterday, we found out that our eBook had been approved by Apple and released on the iTunes App Store! That got us so excited that we finished up our submission to Google and our eBook was posted on Google Play just a little later!

Getting Started

Welcome to JKJCreations.com! We're working on a series of fun, interactive eBooks for kids. The Adventures of Panda and Baileron are stories about a girl and her dog exploring the world in their airplane. Our first story has them flying across Georgia to compete in a peach pie eating contest. It will be available in your favorite app stores soon. After Georgia, Panda & Baileron's will be headed to Colorado and Florida. Their goal is to see all 50 states!

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